Best LED Monitor Under 5000 In India 2021 Reviews

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Are you searching for the best-LED monitor under 5000 rupees? In this upcoming buying guide, that’s what we are going to find out today. There are roughly 123 different monitors under 5k, and choosing the perfect best one can be a daunting task sometimes. But don’t worry as I have done all the research and comparison for you.

This list of best 5 LED Monitors includes an excellent 1080p FHD monitor as well.

Top 5 LED Monitor Under 5000 In India

ImageProduct NameCheck Price
Acer 19.5 inch HD LED
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Acer 19.5-inch HD LED Backlit Computer MonitorCHECK PRICE
AOC E2070SWHN 19.5 inch HD LED Monitor
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AOC E2070SWHN 19.5 inch HD LED MonitorCHECK PRICE
Dell D1918H 18.5-inch LCD Monitor
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Dell D1918H 18.5-inch LCD MonitorCHECK PRICE
LG 19-inch HD LED Monitor
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LG 19-inch HD LED MonitorCHECK PRICE
Zebronics 15.6 inch (39.6 cm) LED Backlit Computer Monitor
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Zebronics 15.6 inch (39.6 cm) LED Backlit Computer MonitorCHECK PRICE

Best LED Monitor Under 5000 In India

1. Acer 19.5-inch HD LED Backlit Computer Monitor

Acer 19.5 inch HD LED
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Best LED Monitor Under 5000 In India 2021 Reviews

Acer V206HQL is one of my favorite monitors on this list that offers the best value for money. It has a 19.5 inch glossy black body with the up-down tiltable display.

The visual features include a 1366x768p HD ready display and boast the 60Hz of with 5ms quick response time. The monitor has an anti-glare coating, which is useful for people working on the screen for long durations.

Plus, it’s monitor comes with two 1-watt inbuild speakers, not very loud but well complement considering the price point.

  1. Specification
  2. SCREEN SIZE: 19.5”
  3. RESOLUTION: (1366x768p)HD Ready
  4. PORTS: 1-VGA, 1-HDMI
  5. PANEL: TN
  8. WARRANTY: 3 Years
  9. OTHER: Stereo Speakers
  10. RATINGS: 4/5
  • Value for money
  • Large enough screen
  • HDMI Port
  • In-built Stereo Speakers
  • Standard visual quality

2. AOC E2070SWHN 19.5 inch HD LED Monitor

AOC E2070SWHN 19.5 inch HD LED Monitor
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Best LED Monitor Under 5000 In India 2021 Reviews

Another best monitor by AOC Brands in the list of best monitor under 5000 INR in India. This AOC Monitor ranked second in our list because of its display panel resolution. This AOC monitor has 19.5 Inches 1600×900 crisp and clear high definition resolution display panel with a 60 Hz refresh rate and also has a rapid response time of 5ms. It is the best monitor if you are looking for the best monitor under 5000 for gaming also this monitor can be used as photo editing, video editing. So, this is the best multipurpose monitor under 5000 rupees price range.

  1. 20″ (19.5″ viewable) display, 200 cd/m2 Brightness, 16:9 Aspect Ratio
  2. 1600 x 900 crisp and clear high definition resolution @ 60hz,, 20M:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio
  3. VGA and HDMI Inputs. Compatible with Windows 10
  4. VESA100mm wall-mount compliant, Kensington Security Slot
  5. Slim design with LED backlit
  • HD resolution
  • Reduces strain on the eyes
  • Wall-mountable
  • Includes VGA and HDMI ports
  • It does not have a wide viewing angle
  • The brightness is high and not adjustable

3. Dell D1918H 18.5-inch LCD Monitor

Dell D1918H 18.5-inch LCD Monitor
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Best LED Monitor Under 5000 In India 2021 Reviews

Dell D1918H 18.5-inch LCD Monitor comes from one of the most reliable electronic brands. This monitor is budget-friendly and reliable in this list of best LED monitors under 5000 INR. It comes with all the necessary features that will enhance your user experience.

The monitor has a slim build with narrow bezels. It has a beautifully finished body and a sturdy, durable stand. The monitor is compact and takes up very little of your workspace. It has a TN panel with a viewing angle of 90 degrees.

  • It has HDMI and VGA ports
  • It has Flicker-Free technology
  • It is easy to install
  • It is durable
  • Does not have an extra-wide viewing angle
  • Picture quality is not very good

4. LG 19-inch HD LED Monitor

LG 19-inch HD LED Monitor
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Best LED Monitor Under 5000 In India 2021 Reviews

LG 19-inch HD LED Monitor in this list of best monitor under 5000. This LG monitor has 19 inches (47 cm) HD Ready (1366 X 768) TN Panel with 60 Hz refresh rate also has very quick 5ms response time which is good for gaming too. This monitor support Flicker-free technology.

This monitor’s screen has an anti-glare coating to keep your eyes from being strained. The monitor has a refresh rate of 60 Hz and a quick 5ms response time. The screen can produce as much as 200 cd/m² of brightness and has a typical 16:9 aspect ratio.

  • Screen Size: 19 inch (47 cm) HD Ready (1366 X 768) TN Panel
  • Connectivity Port: 1 VGA Port, 1 HDMI Port
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9, Brightness (Typical): 200 cd/m²
  • Refresh Rate: 60 Hz, Response Time: 5 ms
  • Viewing Angle: 90 degrees horizontal 65 degrees vertical
  • Flicker-Free Technology: Yes
  • It has flicker-free technology
  • It has HDMI port
  • Reduces eye fatigue and strain
  • You can multitask with its Split Screen feature
  • The monitor does not have a wide viewing angle

5. Zebronics 15.6 inch (39.6 cm) LED-Backlit Computer Monitor

Zebronics 15.6 inch (39.6 cm) LED Backlit Computer Monitor
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Best LED Monitor Under 5000 In India 2021 Reviews

Zebronics 15.6 inch LED Backlit Computer Monitor has a sleek, modern look with a highly glossy front panel and narrow bezels that makes it sexy. It has a TN panel. Plus, it has HDMI port and a VGA port. The monitor has a built-in power supply. It has a 1366 x 768 pixel HD resolution and 16:9 Aspect Ration that enhances your visual experience. The monitor has brightness up to 220 cd/m².

  • The monitor has HD resolution
  • It has HDMI and VGA ports
  • It has an adjustable stand
  • It is wall mountable
  • The monitor comes only with a 1-year warranty

Things You Should Consider Before Buying An LED Monitor

Display Size: Monitors come in a range of sizes. The bigger the display, the costlier the screen. The typical size is about 22 inches and will satisfy all of your requirements satisfactorily. Gamers, animators, and content creators could favour bigger displays and they can appear as large as 27 inches.

The perfect resolution now is 1080p. You’ll receive crisp, detailed visuals at a reasonable price. Gamers and professionals that want vibrant colours and high quality graphics can elect for improved resolution.

Viewing Angles: You no longer need to sit in front of the screen to obtain the best visual experience. Most monitors now have broader visual angles- most often, they’ve 178 degrees vertical and 178 degrees horizontal stripes. You may find exactly the exact same colour and clarity in the sides as you want from sitting in front of it.

Purpose: The screen you purchase should be based on what functions you want to use it for. For basic usage, you can certainly do with an average-sized screen with complete HD. Content creators may favour monitors with bigger displays, quicker response times, greater resolution, exact screen, and a flexible stand. For gambling, you need to prioritize wide-angle screening, high-quality screen, rapid response speeds, and G-Sync or FreeSync technologies, etc.. Some screens may make a few of those requirements while some may be used for all those functions.

Speakers: Many screens include built-in speakers, nevertheless they can vary in regard to their volume. If the monitor doesn’t include speakers, make certain it has the required ports to support outside speakers.

Ergonomic Design: Make sure your screen is flexible concerning angle and height. Each individual differs in what’s a comfortable elevation to them so it’s suitable when you’re able to fix these variables. Some have buttons that are nimble.

Connectivity: Be certain your track has all of the vital ports. Most include HDMI and VGA interfaces. These vents permit you to connect different devices to your computer screen with very little hassle. Some goods may also include the required cables.

Brightness majority of multipurpose monitors include a brightness level of 250 cd/m2. Some screens utilize technology which permits you to view the display clearly no matter the ambient light conditions. Others mechanically adjust the brightness to satisfy your requirements and in this way, also help preserve energy.

Refresh Rate: This amount indicates the pace at which your screen refreshes the material onscreen. The higher refresh rate is much preferable for players and professionals to get crystal clear, smooth graphics.

Some have response times as quickly as 1ms. The lower the response time, the more sharp and precise are the pictures on the monitor. Quicker response times are particularly favoured by players for smoother gameplay.

Set-Up: LED screens are usually compact and slick, taking up hardly any space. They include stands that allow you to put them conveniently on your desk.

Design: Greatest LED Monitor beneath 5000 needs to have a fantastic design. You may pick out of them on the grounds of your needs and what kind would look great in your house or workplace.

Eye Safety: Lots of screens nowadays are designed to satisfy the requirements of people who inevitably wind up facing the display for hours and hours. Technologies like flicker-free attributes and Low Blue Light guarantee there is minimal strain on the eyes.

Warranty: make sure your monitor includes a guarantee.

Is IPS better than LED?

IPS monitors deliver quality images, which means they need more power to keep up with all the on-screen activity. LED monitors may show brighter screens but they actually consume less power compared to IPS monitors.

Why is IPS technology important?

IPS Technology gives you deeper color and precise colors. It gives you a clear and vivid image in high-resolution and picture quality even from wider angles. Therefore, it gives you an immaculate viewing and gaming experience. 

Why is the HDMI Port important?

HDMI has several benefits. You can transfer both high definition audio and video conveniently with the HDMI cable. It protects the resolution and colour depth of your content. It is compatible with different devices.

Best LED Monitor Under 5000 In India
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